Garbage is Anything But Garbage; Concert Review

Hey boy, take a look at me
Let me dirty up your mind
I’ll strip away your hard veneer
And see what I can find

– Queer lyrics

Shirley Manson must be happy …

After her band’s show last night at Metropolis, it was raining.

Shirley is ‘ only happy when it rains …’

Shirley doesn’t seem very happy otherwise.

For her fans – that is a good thing.


The Scottish front – woman relies on angst, rebelliousness and haunting words and music to eke out  a living. Hier soir – it was effectively eked out.  Hier soir – all was good as Shirley and her ‘mates’ rocked an appreciative, packed crowd. Who knew Garbage attracted that much attention without a nasty stench attached?

All ages and all types seemed to adore the group.

The Manson wannabes were there, the Manson has – beens were there and Manson herself was there in full and fine form.

10 giorni suonati 120712Vocally, she will never be confused with Anne Wilson from Heart. Manson was not blessed with the same talent. However,  if effort was included in the vocal report card,  Manson just may have surpassed Wilson only two days after Anne stunned Montreal with her performance.

Manson,  from the get – go, displayed passion and energy. If anyone thought that Garbage disappeared around the same time as Nirvana – they are sadly mistaken. ‘Stupid Girl’ ( encore)  and ‘ Only Happy When it Rains’ – the band’s biggest hits, mere tips of a concert iceberg.

Manson’s vocals on ‘Milk’ – astonishingly haunting and erotically – charged. Sultry, gender-defining and an asterix among syllables filled with speed and edge. ‘Milk’ a defining moment for the non – fan and a bookmark in a music lover’s memory.

Songs such as ‘Wow” and ‘Supervixen”, providing a blend of pop,  rock and somewhere in the middle – grunge. An eclectic, non – generic mishmash of teen loneliness accompanied by power that arrive with the helpless feelings attached to creativity and uniqueness. A listener gets the feeling that somewhere, in her past – these were the deciding factors in Manson’s childhood. Something, someone pushed her buttons enough to enable a decision to allow an open soul to conquer the vulnerability of teen girls everywhere.

Along the way, she trapped the Queers, the cross-dressers, the ‘Ladyboys’ and the everyone else who appears abnormal to anyone except for maybe Shirley and her band mates.

Blood for Poppies

Push It


#1 Crush

I Think I’m Paranoid

 Songs that do not stand out. Songs that do not elude. Songs that stand on their own and mean something to the hundreds of Garbage revelers enthroned in the grasps of this band of misfits

Hey boy, take a look at me
Let me dirty up your mind
I’ll strip away your hard veneer
And see what I can find

– Queer lyrics

Visit Garbage here … !

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