Maurice Raymond; Being Mick

Maurice Raymond has been the lead singer for one of the greatest Rolling Stones’ cover bands for thirty – three years.

‘Mick Jagger’, lets us in on a few secrets as he prepares for The Blushing Brides’ show Friday night at Club Soda …

It’s only ‘Rock n Roll’ but …


Q; Did you work at Mick or is it part of you?

A; “Hmmmmm, not really. I always was a music mimic. I first used to cover Dean Martin for my Mum, when I was 5 or 6, which she adored. Then Elvis. So I realized quite young that I could garner praise from adults by being a mimic. Being a fan of the Stones from the first time I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 it was, for me, a natural segue-way to want to be like Mick. I was a big James Brown, Jackie Wilson, Otis Redding fan, & I finally stumbled upon a WHITE guy with that same stage presence & charisma. But working on it, not as such. I just memorized the lyrics & it was kinda of a natural progression to ape the moves. I always have found that to really sound like some other performer you had a better chance by adjusting you facial expressions to a similar state. Like trying to mimic Lyle Lovett. No chance unless you sing out of the side of your mouth. So, singing and admiring the Stones, I just sorta fell into doing similar moves, but really, I am a combination of all of those early frontmen I watched, as well as Peter Wolf & David Bowie. Even Iggy Pop.”

Q; Did you think both you and the Stones would still be doing this?

A; “Well, I thought I would be performing, but really, honestly, I had no way of knowing how this long road would have laid itself out. That I would still be playing predominantly Stones music, not really.”

He goes on …

“Circumstances, along with artistic & business decisions made the bed I sleep in now. As for the Stones, well, I think theirs would be a similar answer. Jagger said for the longest time during the 60’s & 70’s that he would never be singing Satisfaction in his 40’s… I think that financial realities have sort of dictated their situation as it is today. Albeit, they are playing it rather well today as compared to the late 70’s & 80’s. I still think it is about the money, and the endorphins. Being on stage for so long, its a bitch of an addition ta kick.”


Q: How long have the Brides been together?

A; “The Brides found each other in 1978. Actually made a band in 1979, or actually joined Paul Martin’s existing band ‘Consillium’ in 1979 and then changed the name to The Blushing Brides, Jan 1, 1980. So, 34 years of playing, 33 years under The Brides.”

Q; What endears you to the Stones so much? Music / image or both?

A; “Well, kinda a reprise of the first question. I just sorta RELATED to them much more easily then say the Beatles or Herman’s Hermits or that lot. Their was an arrogance, an image that smelled of rebellion. And musically they were raw. I liked that.”


Q; What’s your favourite Stones’ era?

A: “Easy… 1968 – 1975 The Mick Taylor period. HANDS DOWN. They were, in my humble opinion, during that slate of time the best band in the world.”

Q; Favourite Stones song?

A;”Too many to list. Favourite to play? Midnite Rambler …”

Q; Will you be playing any new songs Friday? Doom and Gloom etc

A; “Naw, we’ll leave that to them. We’ll play what we usually do, everything from A ta Z, just not those.”

The Blushing Brides are at Club Soda Friday night at 9pm.


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