Jill Barber (Tres Smart ) Concert Review

They say the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Could it be possible the fastest way to a Francophone’s heart is through song? If so – songstress Jill Barber is a maverick of sorts.


Singing as part of the Jazz All Year Long series – Barber held court at The Metropolis Thursday night and had the Francophone patrons eating out of her hand.

Singing eight French songs from her newly released album ‘Chansons’ – Barber innocently and honestly explained her love affair with Paris, Piaf and La Province du Quebec. It was non – threatening, her easy speak. She is trying through French lessons and interpretations of songs. The audience  fell in love with the ‘trying’ – hook, line and sinker.


Then, there were the songs …

Imagine sitting on a sidewalk cafe in gay Paris. The birds are crooning from their perches high above as the sunlight paints romance with dabs of color. An accordion player sits at the corner. The sounds from the instrument intruding every nook, every cranny with mystique and casual prodding.

Add a grand piano. The keys sprinkling sounds of Spring like leaves on a journey into adulthood. An electric guitar piercing every so often – a pin prick on tender skin as lovers play. As partners make love.


The drums. Keeping the pace as hard or soft as the candles blow in the night. Pulsating or providing a backdrop to silent whispers. Romantic sax, clarinet and an unassuming bass, flying over and beyond the lyrics, the compositions and the tone.

Barber’s voice. Child like. Mature. A hint of realness. Dispensing innocence like a scent paving the way home.


Jill Barber has discovered a few things.

One; Francais is a hard language to grasp. Deux; French people love to hear an effort. Trois; French is the language of love …

Last night, Montreal discovered Jill Barber and fell in love with her …

Does anyone have Saku Koivu‘s phone number?


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