SCREAM for Montreal! Concert Review

by Bianca Marques

“Scream for me Montreal!”

The line of the night for the small, dedicated crowd gathered at Olympia to hear Made In Iron play. The Iron Maiden cover band made every effort to duplicate Iron Maiden’s World Slavery Tour of 1984.


Before the band even set foot on stage, the audience was drawn in by a trio of fire dancers (the troop is called Selkies). Their sensuous movements had every person in the crowd captivated. Smooth movements paired with firery danger made for a sight to be seen.

The stage was made up to be the inside of an ancient Egyptian tomb, complete with glowing hieroglyphs, twin sarcophaguses and a teddy bear that rested atop of bass drum. The gold and black drum set sat on an elevated platform that connected to two larger platforms. The platforms made for tomb walls that the lead singer climbed up and rocked out on.

The band created a time machine with their wardrobe alone. Clad in spandex, headbands, leather, studs and chains; there was no doubt the inspiration for this show was straight out of the 80′ s.

IMG_3699 lPhilippe Harvey,  the lead singer would do anything to get a rise out of the audience. He had the energy of an aerobics instructor; jumping around and climbing the set. Bruno Tremblay, Frédéric Bergeron, Pierre-Étienne Drolet and Maxime Beauséjour had all their moves synched up.

The song Power Slave came with crowd-exciting theatrics. Harvey strutted the stage wearing a feathered mask and Eddie the 12-foot mummy took the stage to dance to the music. Power Slave did not hold a candle to the theatrics of 666 The Number of the Beast. Not only was the whole crowd screaming “666,” but the Grimm Reaper made an appearance and the Selkies fire-dancers returned to the stage with fireballs on chains.

The last song and the encore were made by epic by a 20-foot version of Eddie. Exactly the same size as Maiden’s  Eddie, the gigantic ‘beast’  came complete with moving head which  nodded  along to the music with glowing eyes and glowing heavy metal spirit.

The crowd chanted “Maiden” demanding an encore and when the lead singer took the stage and showed his appreciation with a simple “Fuck Yeah!” The encore was the highlight of the night. The song everyone had been waiting for; Run to the Hills. This song contained  more energy coming from both the band and the audience than any other song. It was electric!

Scream … Montreal did …!


Photos by Myles Sachin

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