No Pain – No Gain. A Salvation …

By Bianca Marques

Daniel Gildenlöw’s (lead singer/guitarist) voice filled the room and the audience fell silent. His oral presence –  strong yet soothing. Ensuring  every member of the audience stood entranced …


Ladies and Gentlemen – Pain of Salvation were in the house!

The band took the stage at Cabaret Miles End Wednesday night with Gildenlöw’s powerful voice pairing perfectly with the melodic undertones of the keyboard ( Daniel Karlsson). The opening number; Road Salt – opening the doors for what was to come with so much power.

The rest of the Band; Clay Withrow on guitar, Gustaf Hielm on bass and Leo Margarit on drums, joined the duo on stage for their more prominent sound, something a little more metal – ish. The power and energy of the band was at par with Gildenlöw’s vocals making a euphoric musical experience for the fans.

The stage might have been small but it didn’t stop every member from gyrating, dancing and-  plain and simply; rocking out. All this amid Daniel announcing to the crowd that he was indeed; “a very, very sick” dude. Nevertheless –  glad to be up on stage…


With such a powerful voice, a serious tone in Gildenlöw’s speeches between songs seemed appropriate yet a playfulness toyed with the crowd as a child would taunt a kitten. The audience engaged and screamed at the top of their lungs when Gildenlow relayed how  South America was the best and that Canadians ( the audience) had to at least beat the Americans. The crowd screamed so loud – the band practically inaudible.

Anyone who’s ever been to a concert will agree, the longest wait is the time between the opening band stepping off stage and the main act taking the stage. Pain of Salvation is definitely worth every gut-wrenching second…

The band’s  music consists of heavy build-ups and sweet releases. Pair that sound with a talented entourage of musicians and you have a show hellbent on delivering a good time.

Despite Daniel being sick, it wasn’t his voice that died, it was the keyboard. While the technical difficulties were worked out, Margarit graced the audience with an earth-shattering drum solo. The song Diffidentia had the band and fans head-banging in unison.  Hielm fed off the crowd’s energy and picked up immense electricity as his body never ceased. Jumping, dancing, swaying and thrashing – all without missing a note lyrically.


A quick swap to acoustic guitar changed the mood in the venue.

The song 1979, encased a smooth sound that made every recklessly excited fan; captivated and still. Absorbing the moment. Pain of Salvation moved on to do a jazzy cover of Holy Diver. A tune originally penned  by Ronnie James Dio. Without so much as a wave, the crowd clapped along to the beat.

Without a doubt, Pain of Salvation puts on an amazing show…

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