Kristina Maria – Up Close

Kristina Maria has just finished headlining Pride Winnipeg. The city’s Gay and Lesbian Festival. It was the first time she was part of both the festival and Manitoba’s  hospitality.


“It was such a great time being part of the atmosphere. I got to do seven of my songs and the entire thing was great. The audience and I were feeding off one another and it was nice to feel that support. Everyone was happy and it was a big breath of fresh air …. Really – Canada has just been so supportive of me and I am blessed …”

Kristina Maria of Ottawa, now has seven songs on the radio. Her new one; ‘You Don’t Have the Right to Cry’ is the first of many new ones she has written and recorded. The rest will  eventually be released and it is up to her manager exactly when …

“Vito Luprano managed Celine Dion.” Says the twenty – four-year old beauty. ” I think he knows what he is doing.” She laughs.”  From the time we first met – we hit it off and we were on the same page. He has seen everything and he is my mentor. I totally trust him and I leave song releases and all the details up to him. Sometimes I tell him not to tell me the plans. That way – I won’t get anxiety …”


Luprano and Dion

Kristina’s nerves do not get to her on stage.

On the 24th of May, she performed at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theater and it was the first time she sang with a backing band behind her. A group of musicians put together for her yet – in a short time,  have become a family.

“I wasn’t nervous at all.” Says Kristina. ” It was different but everyone was so great. Plus – I had a lot of my friends that came from Ottawa for the show. They gave me lots of love and support which made me feel at ease from the beginning. My Mom and Dad were there – they are always there and they are cool. I am lucky to have them …”

It has been a lot of hard work, not luck which has delivered Kristina on the plateau which she now rests. A place which has seen her achieve a Juno nomination for Best Pop Album. An album titled; Tell the World.

“Being nominated was like a big pat on the back. The way I look at it, it is support. You already know that music is what you want to do and to get a nomination just solidifies your dreams.”

Kristina Maria, live … is a copy of Celine Dion. Body language – wise.

She also has a powerful voice like Celine but that is where the comparison stops (according to Kristina).  Maria is flattered to have the comparisons because Dion (along with Whitney Houston), was and continues to be – one of her childhood heroes.

Kristina+Maria‘She is so different from me.” Admits Kristina. “I am more Pop. I have met her a couple of times and she is very sweet to me and has given me her best wishes. To be part of her concert was fantastic but really,  she is in Vegas and I am here. Our lives do not coincide and even Vito was her manager twenty years ago. There is not much of a connection.”

Kristina has been all over the place in the last two years. She has recorded in L.A and Sweden. Something that she believes diversified her. She gets the best vibes of Europe, the States and Canada.

She – like a lot of musicians, comes into the studio with an idea or a melody in her head but that soon changes once the rest of the people she is working with get involved. Something which Kristina loves about music.

” It really is fascinating how things change. It can start one way and by the end of the night – it is something else. That’s what makes my life so great. I wake up everyday and pinch myself. I am living my dream but I do not take it for granted. It can disappear as fast as it has come.”

Kristina Maria is currently living in Montreal and will be working on her next album. She is planning a mini – tour with her new ‘band’ and is taking it one step at a time. Baby steps …

She likes it that way!

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