Yellowman; Winning the Race …

Imagine starting a race without shoes on the hot desert sand …?

Kind of puts a runner behind the eight ball. No chance of winning. Not a hope in hell to finish in the top three. Winston Foster started his life that way and guess what? It became even harder for the man known as Yellowman.


Winston Foster grew up in Kingston, Jamaica.  He was raised in an orphanage and was born with albinism, two strikes for a boy in that part of the world at that time. Two strikes for a boy in any part of the world at that time. Two strikes … even today

Despite the obstacles, ‘King Yellowman‘ ( as he was first known), won a talent contest and evolved into one of the top DJs in Jamaica. Shortly after – he became one of it’s biggest singing stars as well. Second only to Bob Marley in popularity in the early eighties …

yellowguitarOn top of his game, Yellowman was diagnosed with skin cancer in 1982 and given six months to live. Wrongly diagnosed – Yellowman dodged a wicked bullet. Or – so it seemed …

In 1986 the cancer spread to his jaw and a series of operations took place to remove part of his lower left jaw. Following a sabbatical from music – Yellowman reappeared with his rendition of Blueberry Hill. Sunday night at the Montreal International Reggae Festival – thousands were glad he did.

Yellowman performed a high energy, non – stop two hour show. At fifty-seven years old, Yellowman appears destined to give Mick Jagger a run for his money as the most fit senior citizen on the music circuit today. All of his hits – dating back to the early eighties, brought out and placed on the reggae table.

MISTER YELLOWMAN, NOBODY MOVE NOBODY GET HURT, RAMBO, MELLO YELLOW, and GALONG, GALONG, GALONG – just a sample of the songs which had the mixed crowd at the Old Port groovin’.


A look around, a glimpse into the pyches of the crowd. No one feeling sorry for the now disfigured performer. No finger pointing. No pity. The masses assembled to hear songs from one of the masters. Yellowman proved why he is a master. Yellowman does not stand still – on his reputation or his feet.

Some in the crowd, removed their shoes.

Yellowman is in second place. The dessert is hot. The race not yet finished. Yellowman determined to finish later – not sooner ….

Yellowman has already won.

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