One Road or Une Rue …?

In a Quebec market which is bogged down in radio politics, One Road, after almost an entire year of charting and obtaining radio airplay everywhere in Canada – still cannot get their ‘Southern Rock‘ sound on the radio in Quebec ( k103.7fm excluded).


“To say that our sound is ‘too country’ for a rock station and then play Lynyrd Skynyrd and even Mumford and Sons – well that is a little hard to believe.” Says Tracy. ” I know that at least three of our songs are just as good or better than the ‘Country Rock‘ that plays on stations in Montreal.”

Instead of getting mad or even – Tracy and Mike decided if you cannot beat them, bypass them. In other words; ‘When in Rome – sing in French!’

wpid-oneroad-rideon-18-205x210‘ We decided to release a song in French and tap into the French market.  It is called Forge. Why not we thought? So far – the song is very popular but now we have learned the French market is even smaller than the English one. ” Laughs Tracy. ” We just cant seem to catch a break in our hometown, it is frustrating!”

Forge ( the English version is named Glory),  tailor made for a movie or television soundtrack. Tracy’s brassiness as ‘in your face’ as ever and Mike’s guitar – haunting with every note ….

‘I got together with a friend of mine who speaks only French.”SaysTracy. “He helped me write the lyrics and Mike and I had already written the music. It was a smooth transition …”

One Road will be playing this upcoming Saturday, Aug. 24th in the first annual BBQ for the Palliative Care Center in Dorion. Their first album ‘Ride On’ will be played in it’s entirety as well as the new French song Forge.

‘It is for a really good cause and we do not make a cent.” Says Tracy. “Everyone should come down and hear One Road rock the house. Our CD is available for sale ( five dollars goes to the Palliative Care Center)  and you can bring your own booze and food. Start up the BBQ and listen to us sing. My four Choppers will be on display as well. All custom made bikes. Impressive – even  to me …


The show starts at 7pm at 2890 Meunier. The park will be open all day starting at 2pm. Hamburgers, HotDogs, Soft Drinks and Water will be on hand.

Tickets are $15.00 on site and all proceeds go to the Palliative Care center.

Visit One Road’s site here …. 

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