The Ins & Outs; Ups and Downs … Sept. 21

One of the hottest flames to rise out of Montreal’s musical blaze, The In & Outs, a high voltage, electrifying experience have announced the following show dates in Vermont along with taking coincidence of their newly released album Zero Gravity’ and acrobatics of their new music video ‘There We Go’ to a new level as they will be performing a flying high set for the grand opening of Montreal rock climbing center ‘Zéro Gravité’ on September 21st in Montreal, QC.


David Groover vocalist / guitarist comments:

“We’re very excited about this off the wall performance, literally! We will be flying in the air performing 3 songs at the grand opening of the ‘Zéro Gravité’ climbing center. The plan is to have two drums sets installed, one on the ground and one in the air on a floating platform along with myself playing guitar and singing with our bassist Alex. We will be floating and rocking out from up above from wall to wall. To get a bit of visual of what we’ll be doing live! Check out our music video ‘There We Go’.”

Music Video – There We Go –

The In & Outs Show Dates

September 21 – Zéro Gravité – Montreal, QC – Show Details – – More info on Zéro Gravité:

October 1 – Nectar’s, Burlington, VT

October 10 – L’Escogriffe – Montreal, QC w/ Dead Messenger

December 18 – Radio Bean – Burlington, VT

Expertly fusing rock riffs with cheeky lyrics and the occasional hint of funky blues only begins to underline the trio’s vast influences from diverse genres, ranging from Johnny Cash to The Doors, passing through Elvis Presley and John Spencer. 

Lyrically eclectic and musically unrivalled each and every In & Outs song demonstrates a profound love of music and reflects the ups and downs of life and the essence of a society where creating your own opportunities leads to self-fulfilment, all of which is transmitted to their audiences through a hypnotic stream of sound and energy.

Landing a commercial placement in a 2011 Ford Focus televised ad in Quebec with their track ‘Steep Mountain’ (video:, along with their songs ‘Celebrate Consumption’ and ‘Boo My God’ used for Sports Network (RDS) show H2Snow (video:, The In & Outs have progressed in the Montreal music scene and beyond, touring Europe in 2012 and performing at multiple festivals in support of last year’s self-titled EP and their debut album, ‘Ascending Back and Forth’.

‘Zero Gravity’ can now be purchased on iTunes and via along with a FREE download of their single‘There We Go’.

Lyric Video – Zero Gravity –

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