Top Ten Oddest Things Overheard at The House of Jazz

Hier soir – a la Maison du Jazz, there were two pianos …

Not one, not three – two. A pair of grand pianos taking center stage in the house that George Durst built. All week long, an event titled Piano Cameleons is taking place. An event hosted by John Roney and Matt Herskowitz which will offer a fresh take on old favorites. Special guests scheduled to appear this week are Lorraine Desmarais, Taurey Butler, James Gelfand and Marianne Trudel. Two guests will join the Chameleons each evening as the classics will be played like you’ ve never heard them before!


Aside from the ‘chameleon’-like playing by the array of virtuosos, John, Matt ‘ and friends’ will also be joined nightly by a surprise guest.

A talented pianist quite able to ‘tickle’ the fancy and ivories of everyone who loves music. Bach, Bethoven and Debussy. Peterson, Madison and Jones. Name a composer – chances are one of the talented performers will play it. An original event exclusive to the House of Jazz this week only …

Last night – Oliver Jones, the famed Montreal pianist blessed the audience with his legendary presence. A delight to watch and listen as John Roney explained how he owned all of Jones’ records. A fact displaced by John’s observation that perhaps – Jones’ did not own any of his …


During the course of the evening, while music danced around appetites fulfilled, statements could be heard. Words exchanged. Sentences delivered. Some of which …. well let’s just say; straight from the mouths of Jazz babes!

Here now are the …

Top Ten Oddest Things Overheard at The House of Jazz …

10. What time does the Metallica tribute start?

9. Sure there are two pianos but where is the laser show?

8. They just played a Bethoven song. Isn’t he the kid who plays the piano on A Charlie Brown Christmas Special …?

7. Beer nuts … ! Where’s the freakin’ beer nuts ??????

6. Isn’t Oliver Jones that guy who stole all his clients money in that Ponzi scheme?

5. I heard Elton John was going to be here! Where is Elton John …?

4. That Mitt Romney fellow is pretty good …

3. If the Yankees play in The House that Ruth built, how come the Utah basketball team is not here?

2. I said … what time does the Metallica tribute start dammit !

and the number one Oddest Thing Overheard at the House of Jazz?

1. Peanuts, Popcorn … Crackerjack!

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