Mundial Montreal;Third Time’s a Charm!

They say good things come in threes. With Mundial Montreal – true as true as true can be …

From November 19th – 22nd, the Festival will be featuring artists as ecclectic as a white egg on Easter Sunday. As an added bonus, this year’s edition will also showcase Aboriginal artists from across Canada.

Eekwol, Samian,Shauit,George Leach, Leela Gilday  and A Tribe Called Red – a few of the talented Native performers traversing the globe and honoring Montreal with their presence.


The fun gets underway on the 19th at Sala Rossa on St,Laurent Blvd. IBEYI starts things off with a bargain! Fifteen dollars will catch a glimpse of the pair of twins born into Cuban royalty. A delight to the ears and eyes. Quite the first impreession for Mundial Montreal.

The four day Festival is a celebration of world music. Sounds from the four corners of the world. The Caribbean, The Americas, Eastern Europe, Quebec Folk and Africa …

Immensely pleasurable. Immensely talented.

Aside from Salla Rossa, a music lover can hear acts all around the city. Club Balattou, Le Savoy du Metropolis, L’Astral, Petit Campus and Le Sat. A variety of venues for a variety of art.

Lorraine Klaasen will be at Club Balattou on the 20th yet she is not the only woman to be spreading her angelic voice around the city. The following evening – the 21st, offers up a A Women of the World – themed night. A four lady act ( five ) in one night. Four parts women = one part of a Festival gifted with talent. Leelay Gilday, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy Macisaac, Tanya Tagaq and Amanda Martinez will give reason to applaud women. More than once …

Th Quebec Folk scene is represented by Sagapool. The band of wayward gypsies-turned-family-men / women are back. Following a successful album and tour – the band will be in a more intimate surrounding at Le Savoy Du Metropolis.

Mundial Montreal is more than music. It also contains a summit. Meetings and discussions open to the public about the current state of music and the business environment.

An example? Your Wish to be Granted – an overview of Recording Grants for Artists.

Just one of the many activities scheduled with musicians, music -lovers and curiosity seekers in mind ….

Come celebrate Mundial Montreal!

Visit Mundial Montreal here for all the information needed.


Stay tuned for interviews with many of the artists playing in the Festival!

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