Top Ten Signs Arcade Fire May Have ‘Jumped the Shark’ !

You love ’em – you hate ’em …

That Montreal band-done-good; Arcade Fire.

the Arcade Fire

You know – that Grammy- winning, appear- with- Mick Jagger-on-SNL bunch of guys and girls. The band who caused such a publicity stunt with the release and subsequent appearance to support their new album under an assumed name?

Ya – that’s the ones …

Have they gone too far? Have they ripped a page from the television show Happy Days and decided they can do no wrong? Have Arcade Fire set up a ramp in Arnold’s parking lot and allowed themselves to ‘Jump the Shark’? Possible without a motorcycle as a vehicle …?

Here are the Top Ten Signs indicating as much …

10. Adding the 40th person on stage because they lacked ‘depth’.

9. No matter how popular  – asking arcades all over Montreal to set  ‘fire’ to the place as a ‘promotional stunt’ – a little much …

8. Adding a Kazoo to  their list of musical instruments which already includes guitar, drums, bass guitar, piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass,xylophoneglockenspiel, keyboard, French hornaccordionharpmandolin, and hurdy-gurdy – a little presumptuous!

7. Win Butler is asking everyone to call him ‘Winny’ in homage to his first teenage crush on the girl from ‘The Wonder Years‘ …

6. Three Words; NO BROWN M&M’s!

5. Writing for The Hunger Games? What’s wrong with True Blood?

4. Should have released a Phil Collins‘ cover – Peter Gabriel‘s tunes out of touch with the young kids …

3. ‘Reflektor’ spelled wrong …

2. No matter what – ‘you DO NOT sell a church !!!!

and the number one sign Arcade Fire may have ‘Jumped the Shark‘?

1. Butler should have appeared with Mick Jagger FIFTY YEARS AGO!!!!

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