John Lennon in Montreal? Yes and No …

Marcus Cahill was born far from Liverpool. It did not matter …

” My Father was a guitar player and a Beatle fan.” Says Marcus Cahill (aka John Lennon).” To make me go to sleep as a child he would sing ‘Rocky Raccoon‘ or ‘ Yellow Submarine‘. He would do it every night. As I grew up – I would start playing his records. Because I was born after The Beatles broke up, I had all their albums. I did not have to wait for The White Album to come out or something like that …”

john lennon
Marcus Cahill

Cahill – from Dublin, Ireland, is not a fanatic.

He does not pretend to know everything about John Lennon or The Beatles. He does not know the names of their Moms, the places where they ate their dinner as young lads or what size pants they wear. What he does know – their music and the legacy is something which is amazing to him on so many levels.

“The music? This is where I am good …” Explains Marcus. ” I studied all the records, I know all the sniffles, the pauses and all the nuances. When kids were outside playing ball or something – I was in my room studying The Beatles’ records. I started at around five years of age. It was not just Lennon or the Beatles, I knew the complete ‘Band On the Run‘ record when I was five. All of McCartney‘s solos, George’s and Ringo’s.”

Marcus wants people to know, especially the true Beatles’ fans – he IS NOT John Lennon and he is not pretending to take his place. Normally, most people he meets, accept him for what he does yet there was one occasion when ‘a fan’ took exception to Cahill’s portrayal of the dead Beatle …

Marcus explains ….

” I was at The Cavern and I had just finished playing a set … I went outside and this huge guy, about six- foot -five comes up to me … WHO do you think you are? He says … You think you are John Lennon? You are messing with history …! I thought I was dead! I mean this guy really wanted to beat me up! Thankfully – I managed to calm him down and we had an ale together … what a fright that was …!”


Imagine; The John Lennon Tribute – is a combination of the Beatles’ catalog and Lennon’s. Each half of the show, divided up as such. A compliment to both Cahill and Producer Richard Beaucage. The pair were careful not to become ‘just another Beatles tribute band’ …

” We are doing a few songs off of ‘Double Fantasy‘” says Cahill. ” The first half – we are careful to not do all the great Beatles’ songs because Lennon’s catalog does not compare. We do not want people to be let down in the second half although if you know John’s songs – it is hard to be let down. ”

He continues.

“We also have great images which will be projected around the Theater during the show. The cool thing is – I have had a lot more time to rehearse than John did. It is something I am proud to do so well. Fans will not be disappointed!”

Marcus Cahill plays all instruments. Not at once on stage, but he plays guitar and piano during the show. The first song of the first set ( a surprise), will kick off the show in the right way. A memorable moment which will set the mood for the evening’s entertainment. It’s a Beatles’ song that Lennon sings and wrote the lyrics for. Combined with Cahill’s uncanny resemblance and an eerily Lennon-esque voice – Marcus will make believers out of everyone.

Far from Liverpool …

The show takes place at The Rialto Theater on Oct. 11th.

Imagine the fun …

Visit the Rialto Theater for tickets and details

Tune in to k103.7fm on Friday @ 5:15pm as Sean McKeough and I will have two tickets to give away!

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