John Lennon’s Life Through Words and Music

John Lennon left a legacy to the world. One filled with hope, love and tragedy.  Daniel Taylor, straight from Liverpool,  is carrying on the words and songs of Lennon. Not a Tribute show, more of an insight into the life of a man whose songs sometimes carry too much of the weight behind a very […]

Ask Dave the Bartender; Episode Eight

He knows where you’ve been sleeping, he knows who you’ve been sleeping with … He knows if you are naughty. He knows if you are nice. There is not much he does not know, hear or see. Then – he goes to work behind the bar … He is … Dave the Bartender … Got […]

Ask Dave the Bartender …

Google is not enough … For answers to be answered properly – it is important to seek the truth. Climb the highest mountains, swim the deepest seas and reach the keeper of knowledge … Dave the Bartender …   Questions for Dave the Bartender? Send to ( Drinkers, Wait Staff, Busboys and Passerby’s were […]