The Eagles plus Joe Walsh; A Montreal Love – In!

‘Everybody’s talkin’ about the long run …’

Words – or rather, lyrics, could never ring so true. The Eagles landed at The Bell Center last night following a ‘long run’ of hits. Timeless tunes which just never seem to leave people’s hearts and on Tuesday morning at water coolers around the city – everyone will be ‘talkin’ about that long run ..

From the moment Glenn Frey and Don Henley took the stage – it was obvious something good would take place.

Starting with a semi – circle as Henley and Frey added Bernie Leadon conplete with commentary via the big screen, the story of The Eagles unfolded. The tales of gunslingers which Frey and Henley read from books – evolving into songs about gunslingers. It was not hard to imagine a couple of acoustic guitars, a campfire, a bottle of Whiskey and a sky ripe for some southern tunes with a ‘rock feel’ …

As a ‘ punter’ – following the first songs of the evening; ‘ Saturday Night’ and ‘The Train Leaves Here this Morning’ – a feeling of deja- vu took place. In an age where Americana music travels the globe on vehicles such as Mumford and Sons – a ‘ been there, done that’ scenario was engulfing the arena. In this case, it was one of the ‘founders’ of country – rock creating the ‘ hubub’.

The thing about any band, including The Eagles, who have been playing from an era when Michael Jackson was black – the professionalism and ability to deliver ‘life – like’ performances through sound, is second nature.

Through songs such as ‘ Peaceful Easy Feeling’, ‘Witchy Woman’, ‘Doolin -Dalton’ and ‘Tequila Sunrise'( all performed in the first half) a feat accomplished with perfection. The band’s simplicit songwriting (story telling) allows the opportunity to do so. No ‘La Villa Strangiato’ or ‘ Fairies Wear Boots’ lurking behind soundboards.

Not until Joe Walsh arrives …

Once upon a time in the land known as ‘Rock n Roll’- bands behaved badly. Televisions tossed off balconies, arrest warrants delivered more frequent than encores and bats be- headed on a befuddling basis. All that seems to have been replaced by bottled water and trips to the gym. With the exception of Joe Walsh.

Starting with his ‘energetic and animated’ behavior within the band introductions and leading into his signature song as a solo artist, Walsh stood out.

‘I have an office … gold records on the wall … just leave a message … maybe I’ll call …’

In Walsh – these words are not fiction. These words appear to be stuck in his pyche. Someone has not told Walsh the year is 2013. Refreshing and a boost for all Eagle and music fans who live or have lived in an era of sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Whether ‘dueling’ with Steuart Smith or taking center stage with a solo – Walsh is an enigma. For better or worse, the guitarist alters the show and injects life into the melancholy nature of The Eagles’ catalog.

Last night, ‘au Centre Bell’ – the band who so abruptly dispersed into the land of MTV and solo projects, returned to Montreal. A city with all it’s political problems that can easily be named Hell.

Well Hell has not ‘ frozen over’ as of yet and neither have The Eagles. A relief to the punters in attendance.

A relief for music fans everwhere who witnessed twenty- seven songs and three hours of classic music.

A relief for Joe Walsh …

Highlight of the night; Too many.
Lowlight; None

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