Top Ten Signs Gino Vannelli Rocked!

Former Montrealer Gino Vannelli came home on the weekend. Too bad is was not for good …


Performing two sold – out shows at The Rialto was a shame. A man with a voice like his, should be atop Mont Royal – a town cryer if you will. Letting locals and tourists alike know; he is one of ours.

Gino started his musical career as a drummer. Ironic because all these years later – the beat goes on. In his soul and the spirits of the many who turned up to witness the author of so many ‘full tunes’.

Seldom does a singer, so meticulously involved in the production of sound, deliver music the way Vannelli does. Complete with orchestra moves normally associated with a bandleader – the current resident of Oregon echoes perfection to the ears.


A treat given to the ‘hounds of music’. A delightful dish of something seldom heard anymore.

Here are the Top Ten Signs Gino Rocked!

10. Black cars nowhere to be seen during daylight hours.

9. ‘People’moving. Period!

8. Pre – Hallowe’en sales of dark curly wigs unusually high.

7. ‘When I think about those nights in Montreal …’ Enough said!

6. Men disregarding cold and beer bellies to display taped on chest hair – alarmingly high!

5. ‘Lollapalooza’ replacing ‘Bazooka’ as the number one chewing gum on the bedpost overnight!

4. New Ben and Jerry ice cream flavor? Gino Vanilla …

3. John Travolta replaced by Vannelli in Saturday Night Fever; The Sequel!

2. First thirty rows of The Rialto? Women over forty …

and the number one sign Gino Vannelli rocked …!?

1. Just watch! Nine months from now … ? An increase of baby boys named Gino!

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