Jerry Mercer – As the Years Go By; Part One

Jerry Mercer heard Ray Charles’ song ‘What I’d Say’ on the radio. His life was never the same …

Starting with Trevor Payne and the Triangle, Mashmakhan and eventually April Wine – Mercer’s career has taken him on trips with Janis Joplin, Roy Buchanan, The Band and many, many others …

At the young age of seventy-four, four years following his ‘retirement’ – Jerry continues his musical education. He is a man of class, integrity and a work ethic compared to none. Please listen as Jerry explains the beginning of his career in part one of my interview.

Stay tuned for part two and beyond …


  1. Okay… I am here. You talk about an interview with Jerry Mercer. But I see it no where. WTH? Is that so hard to provide the actual link to the fricken interview and make it obvious? Sheesh!

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