Top Ten Reasons Why Justin Bieber Wants To Change His Race To Black

My, my, my, my,  my …

What is going on with Bieber? From a cute Youtube sensation to a wanted ‘potential criminal’. Somewhere – Stompin’ Tom  is stompin’ in his grave.

Now comes the news that Justin wants to alter his official race of ‘white’ to a definate more off – white hue. Somewhat darker. Somewhat BLACK …

Somewhere Marvin Gaye is stompin’ in his grave!


Here now, thanks to some investigative investigating – are The Top Ten Reasons Justin Bieber Wants To Change His Race to Black.

10. Figures it is the only way to get Buddy Guy to play guitar on his next album.

9. Are you kidding? Black famous people ALWAYS get off on criminal charges!

8. Would really, really, really like to be able to hang out and speak patois with Rob Ford!

7. Chuck Berry will return his phonecalls now.

6. The Jackson Five are in dire need of a younger brother with talent!

5. Endless hours in a Scarborough tanning salon – no longer necessary …

4. President Barack Bieber! Just part of a master plan!

3. Vanilla Ice and Eminem hold the monopoly for white rappers.

2. The Lakers need someone to replace the aging Kobe Bryant.

and the number one reason Justin Bieber Wants to Change His Race to Black?

1. So he can whiten his skin, claim a pigmentation disease, buy Neverland, become the King of Pop, marry Elvis’ daughter, wear pyjamas in public, name one of his children Blanket and die amid mysterious circumstances.

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