The Mother Jones Band – Live!

The Mother Jones Band fly under the radar …

For the group, a rag tag bunch cut from the cloth of  B.B. King, Muddy Waters and Junior Wells, ‘under the radar’ may be fitting. After all – the old Blues guys didn’t exactly look for fame. They played from the heart and they played for the right reasons.

The Mother Jones Band is the same.

Led by the Father and Son tandem of Derek and Tommy Falls ( lead, rhythm guitar and vocals respectively) the five piece unit – as tight as blanket on a cold winter’s eve.

Manu Pele, the African bass player who studies music ‘ just for fun’, rivals the greats such as Victor Wooten and Daryl Jones. Pele witnessed Jones ( the bassist for the Stones) as he commenced his career with the late, great Miles Davis. Jones ( according to Manu) is greater in his Jazz element and one of Pele’s mentors.

The band is completed by Joey the Saxman (Alto, Baritone and Tenor Saxophone) and Danick Tardif on  drums. Two members who do not complicate. A pair whose professional skills enhance the pureness of the Blues.

Combined with Tommy’s smooth guitar rhythms, Derek’s piercing leads and Kravitz-like vocals, The Mother Jones Band is unique.

In an old school type of way …


The Mother Jones Band can be seen on Friday at

The Brass Door
2171 Crescent
514 808 9596

The Mother Jones Band is available for any type of event.

Joey the Saxman is available solo or as part of a duo or trio for weddings and corporate events.

Please contact for more information. On Booking.

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