Top Ten Signs Prince Affected Your Life

As the entire globe is aware ( including the Illuminati), Prince Rogers Nelson passed away …

It is difficult to discover anyone who was not affected some way by ‘ The Purple One’s ‘ death. Sad, mad or  indifferent. The Prince of Funk touched everyone.

Purple Lights ?

Here now are the ‘Top Ten Signs Prince Affected Your Life …’

10. You believe The Queen of England was a huge Prince fan and made the Royal colors purple in his honor.

9. You are convinced Michael Jackson’s nose is still alive and – in a fit of jealousy, had something to do with Prince’s death.

8.  Your cat is named Vanity and your hamster? Sheila. E.!

7. You lost the finals on Jeopardy citing ‘Purple Rain’ as Martin Scorsese ‘s best film.

6. You are convinced Prince wrote the screenplay for ‘The Color Purple’.

5. Little red Corvette drapes, little red Corvette napkins, little red Corvette bedspread, little red Corvette wallpaper …

4. You are convinced Aerosmith’s song ‘Love in an Elevator’ contains cryptic messages depicting Prince’s death … in an elevator!

3.  You lost the finals on Jeopardy for the second time citing Prince as second to Marlon Brando as the best actor of all time.

2. You have bought 2,678, 567, 043 doves hoping one will cry …


1. Since Dec.31 1998 – the calendar on your desk has not changed !

Stay tuned for Whats Happening in Montreal and my interview with Jean-Luc Ponty !



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