Noah Preminger is not your average run-of-the-mill saxophone player …


A native of Connecticut, currently dividing his time between Boston and New York – Noah has released a very interesting album.

‘Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground’ brings the listener on a history lesson which revolves around Mississippi. In music language, Mississippi means the Delta Blues and the Delta Blues are the backbone of most forms of popular music.

Noah Preminger concert at Sa Pobla (2012)

Noah Preminger concert at Sa Pobla (2012)

Skip James was the man who introduced Noah to The Blues and for Preminger, the long and winding  trip continues. Exploring legends such as Willie Johnson, Booker T. White and Charley Patton – Noah is on the proper highway. His own private Route 66. 


Please listen below as Noah Preminger speaks of his latest album; a foray into his own ‘take’ on some classic tunes.

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