The Theme Song of Strangers in the Night – As Beautiful as It’s Intent !

Strangers in the Night 12 is an institution. 

image002 (1)

In it’s 12th year, the charity event has raised over three million dollars. On top of that, it has also attracted some pretty big names in music. April Wine, The Pointer Sisters, KC and The Sunshine Band and  Blue Rodeo twice !

This year’s event features Randy Bachman headlining!

Bachman is one of the most historic figures in Canadian music history. Co -writer of The Guess Who’s  immense catalogue and author of favorites from the arsenal of Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Randy is also host of Vinyl Tap, one of the most popular radio programs in Canada. Not too shabby eh?


Strangers in the Night started out as a small gathering to say thank you to founder Larry Day’s clients  at a club known to West Islanders. The Firm. The Boogie Wonder Band ( closing the night this year) were the first band to make people dance and that trend has continued. All the while – raising funds for Starlight Children’s Foundation. Strangers in the Night, without a doubt – a ‘win-win’ situation for everyone involved.

This year, a theme for the evening has been added. ‘ A Night of Stars’ is the name and spirituality is the game.

‘A Night of Stars’ is an original composition written by local Hip-Hop artist Mr. Bolly and his songwriting partner, Sorin Pavelesko. Local singer Kaila was added with her angelic vocals and. as they say – the rest is history. 


Please listen below to my interview with Sorin, Mike ( Mr. Bolly) and Kaila. Enjoy the song and head on out to Fairview on June 18th.

It’s for the kids !



Visit Strangers in the Night 12 Here !

Buy the Album Here !
Buy the Album Here !

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