Rick Keene Music Scene – Backstage Pass to Styx’ New Album; The Mission

Once in a lifetime …


That is how often a band like Styx comes along.

From the mid seventies until a decade later, no band from America wrote so many hits and gained so many fans.

High energy Rock n Roll, theatrical know how and heart wrenching balladry. Styx was and remains – the blueprint for a successful Rock n Roll band.

Now – as if a double exclamation point was needed, Styx has emerged from the studio with ‘The Mission’. An album which solidifies their place atop the American Rock n Roll charts.

Please listen below to  a very special segment as the members of Styx talk about The Mission. Hear the tracks as well !

Special to

Rick Keene Music Scene.com




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  1. I would be an Honored mad to have the chance and privileged to meet my youth Idols as a musician Myself !!!

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