Rick Keene Music Scene – Spencer MacKenzie ; Canada’s Next Guitar Great?

Hard to have the Blues when you are nineteen years of age.

Sometimes – the classroom is all around and unless you are paying attention; the teacher remains invisible.

That is not the case with Spencer MacKenzie as he makes his way up the musical ladder. Already winning the best new artist at The Maple Blues Awards at the age of seventeen – Spencer is someone to watch and listen out for.

Spencer? What’s Up?

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Trois Rivieres en Blues 2018

No Blues – no popular music. That is the fact.

Men like Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson and Elmore James – the framework for what we now know as ‘auto-tune’. These men would be rolling in their graves if they knew how their hard work has been destroyed by computers.


That is the great thing about Blues music and the players that play it. Real. Authentic. True.

Please listen below to my chat with Brian Slack about some of these musicians that will be in

Trois Rivieres from Aug.23rd – Aug.26th.


Brian? What’s up?


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Rick Keene Music Scene – Top Ten Signs You Are Musically Stuck in the Eighties …

Music can be a curse.

Unfortunately – the very same songs which may cause happiness, can also hold a soul prisoner.

Here are The Top Ten Signs You Are Musically Stuck in the Eighties.

10. Every time you sit down for dinner you say; ” I’m hungry like a wolf …”

9. Even at your African American friend’s nuptials you say; ” What a nice day for a white wedding.”

8. And you may ask yourself

Where is that large automobile?

7. You don’t like Mondays and you want to shoot the whole day down !

6. You refer to the Titanic disaster as ‘six months in a leaky boat.’

5. Your favorite David Bowie tune is Modern Love.

4. Every morning you tell your spouse to ‘ wake me up before you go go …’

3. You tell everyone that your kid ‘walks like an Egyptian …’

2. The only Beach Boys’ song you know is Kokomo.

And the number one sign you are musically stuck in the Eighties ?

1. You sold your house, your car and your first born child to purchase front row tickets to see Culture Club at Strangers in the Night !

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Strangers in the Night 14; A Culture Club?

If you live or have lived in the West Island for the past twelve years, you are no stranger to the noise that takes place in the night.

The charity event, which traditionally raises funds to help local organizations – is also an opportunity for local restaurants to showcase their wares. Depending on how much you wish to spend, food and drink from practically all corners of the globe provide a backdrop to the live entertainment. Eighty restaurants delight the diners as local celebrities pass with twinkles in their eyes.

Founder Larry Day started the event in the parking lot of his club The Firm. The Boogie Wonder Band was the first band to dance the night into what is now history. As the event grew and the crowds and bands became larger, a move to Fairview Pointe Claire took place. The shopping center parking lot became the temporary home away from home for the likes of The Pointer Sisters, Randy Bachman, Blue Rodeo and April Wine among many more. Great bands and performances yet nothing compared to Day’s bucket list band in what may turn out as a farewell to Fairview.

In 2017 Styx was ‘in the house’ and as Styx keyboardist Lawrence Gowan pointed out from the stage; ‘it was the most fun most have ever had in a parking lot since high school and the back seat of a car’. Styx drew the largest and noisiest crowd to date.

Starting this year, a new page has been turned with Gowan’s words the closing script as Strangers in the Night will be in a new home this coming August.

Due to land expropriation at Fairview Pointe Claire for the Light Rail Project, Strangers in the Night will be held at the Borough Hall, 13665 Pierrefond Blvd. The date is August 25th and ‘the show’ will start at 8pm. 


The Miriam Foundation, Lymphoma Canada and the West Island Women’s Shelter will be the charities who benefit from the arrival of a bouncing ‘not really a baby’ boy.

Boy George that is and unless you lived solely under a Rock n Roll rock since 1980 – George and his Culture Club are in your ears every once in a while.

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me, Karma Chameleon and The Crying Game were staples of the video age eighties and chances are – Boy George’s effeminate image is etched in your memory if the songs are not. Culture Club set the bar high for drag queens to ‘come out’ by the millions? To dance the night away.

As usual , Strangers in the Night offers more than just one chance to dance.

Freddy James and Chrystal Waters are just two of the supporting acts providing beats to bump away everything eaten from the gourmet feast that took place earlier. More acts and delights will be added as the date approaches and details can be found shortly on the Strangers in the Night official website. Tickets will also be available shortly via Evenko.ca

Meanwhile – contact Ellen at 514-233-7535 for info and tickets.

Keep coming back to Rick Keene Music Scene.com for ongoing news, reviews and interviews pertaining to Aug. 25th

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Rick Keene Music Scene – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band?

Sgt. Pepper ? Familiar ?



Chances are the guys above know him well.

It’s been fifty years since the four headed monster known as The Beatles recorded an album that forever changed popular music. ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ altered the way people sang, recorded and marketed their music. A feather in the Fab Four’s hat to be sure.


The San Francisco String Trio know Sgt. Pepper and they love him ! So much so – their album  “May I Introduce You‘ pays homage to The Beatles’ landmark album.

Please listen below to hear some new / old songs from the album. A disc that everyone hums along to at one point in their lives !

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !


Listen below to my chat with Larry Day about Strangers in the Night 13 !





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Rick Keene Music Scene – Larry Day Talks Strangers in the Night 13!

Once upon a time, in a bar far far away …

Strangers in the Night – an idea born in the parking lot of a bar named The Firm, featured one band. The Boogie Wonder Band were the event’s initial entertainment and from that point on; founder Larry Day never looked back.


Fast forward twelve years and the 2017 edition is poised to be the biggest and best yet! More food, more space and one of the biggest selling bands of all time ! Strangers in the Night 13 is on a ‘Mission’ and the super-group Styx just happen to have a new album of the same name!


The album; The Mission has accomplished it’s mission. In 2017 – Styx is back on the Billboard 100 and they are landing in Quebec on August 25th.

Please listen below to my chat with founder Larry Day. He has been a big fan of Styx since the mid seventies. Discover his thoughts on Strangers in the Night 13 and find out what you need to know to attend what should be the biggest show ever in the West Island!

Thanks for listening ! Talk soon !

Larry? What’s up?



Listen below to my chat with Gowan! A member of Styx since 1999!




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Rick Keene Music Scene – A Song for Markov, The ‘Mooch’ and Jack Black Recites Carl Sandburg

Everyone needs a break once in a while. Noise pollution is not good for the musical soul.  



Please enjoy some real tunes in the meantime. Rick Keene Music Scene will be back before you can say Andrei Markov !




Listen to my interview with Lawrence Gowan of Styx below !




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