Rick Keene Music Scene – Diana Krall Reminds Montreal of All That is Good

A good concert is an occasion to make new friends. You leave the venue satisfied. The soul filled with goodness.

Diana Krall and her four piece ensemble did just that.


Exploring and paying homage to the likes of Cole Porter, Tom Waits and Bob Dylan, Diana reminded everyone why music was created and how diverse the beauty may be.

Commencing with the tune Deed I Do, the punters quite aware the evening would be a treat. Rarely does such talent grace Place des Arts all at once. Rarely does such grace inhabit the talent all at once. Anthony Wilson (guitar), Robert Hurst ( Bass), Karriem Riggins (drums) and Stuart Duncan (violin) displayed such touch on their respective instruments. Such finesse. Such magnificence. They were so good, at times, Krall could be seen watching and listening in awe. When ‘ the boss’ is happy the product must be good.

The Turn up the Quiet Tour is named after Diana’s new album. Following a long excursion overseas, Krall is back on home turf and Montreal – according to Krall, ‘feels like home’. 

The Montreal International Jazz Festival was one of the most important building blocks in Krall’s steps to Juno and Grammy Awards. Last night, the love affair was evident with a few people yelling out ‘ we love you Diana’. Krall shouting back ‘ I love you too’. One fan even managed to alter the encore. ‘S’Wonderful – the brilliant Ira and George Gershwin ballad replacing the scheduled song as an audience request.


Turn Up the Quiet , the album, is a return to The Great American Songbook for Krall. A place where she discovered her talents and passion. Isn’t it Romantic, Blue Skies and Sunny Side of the Street were delightfully displayed live and the band took turns implementing their skills within each. Waits’ Temptation, as close to a Rock song as you’ll get in a Krall concert. A tad demonic with the stage lit up in Satan’s color. A rendition perfect to break the theme of the show yet keeping it within the boundaries of jazz. Within the boundaries of Waits.


All these years later, Canada’s favorite musical daughter is all grown up. Now a wife and Mother. Those life changing facts are essential to understanding a Krall concert. Mellow, relaxed and with that old Diana sneaking around just under the stage. Popping up every now and again. Playful with an attitude.


Wonder if the old Diana and the new one are friends? Judging by the return to Jazz standards they are.


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