Music is the gateway to the soul.

If the entrance is locked , jumping fences can only end up bad. There are no shortcuts to success in the music business.

Here are the top ten signs it may be time to change careers in 2018.

10. Two years after playing the Montreal International Jazz Festival , your most lucrative gig is playing at the local dive for shots !

9. Your merch guy gives away CDs so he doesn’t have to carry the box back to the van.

8. You win a music contest to compete in a far away land but you can’t afford the airfare …

7. A GoFundMe campaign is created to stop you from making anymore CDs.

6. Your tour manager goes on tour without you!

5. You are added to a festival of one hit wonders and your band performs on the side stage.

4. Your performance on a nationally televised telethon is interrupted by the ONE phone call.

3. Your family are the only ones who come to your gigs.

2. Audiences at live performances leave their phones at home.

And the Number One Sign your Music Career May Be in Trouble ?

1. Your agent sends you for a gig in North Korea with a one way ticket !