Rick Keene Music Scene – Smoke Meat Pete Birthday Bash!

Smoke Meat Pete will be closed for the month of February as they do every year.

Paolo Stante

It is a time for Smoke Meat Pete, his wife Melanie and all their staff to refresh. Providing eleven months of nightly entertainment and great food to not only the people of Quebec; people from around the globe. It takes a lot of hard work.

Live music is essential to not only Smoke Meat Pete but to the souls of everyone. It has been proven that listening to music daily contributes to a more well rounded society. Introducing kids to music at a young age increases their chances of becoming more emotionally grounded and highly intellectual adults.

Smoke Meat Pete – safe to say; is doing more than his share to contribute to the community.

Dwane Dixon

On March 9th – Smoke Meat Pete will be open once again and it is owner Pete Vavaro’s birthday. A special musical guest will be providing the entertainment. A lady who just happens to be the Queen of The Blues in Quebec.

The Associates

Follow Rick Keene Music Scene.com for a special interview with that special lady and listen to one of the best vocalists in Canada.

Circle March 9th on your calendar and come to Smoke Meat Pete to not only wish Pete Happy Birthday – thank him for giving us the best smoke meat in Montreal and the only place that hires musicians seven nights a week.

You Can’t Beat Pete’s Meat or Live Blues !

This video doesn’t exist

Visit Smoke Meat Pete Here!

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