Rick Keene Music Scene -A Message to The Montreal Canadiens

There is only one way to go. Down.

For most people, up is the proper direction to head when things get really bad. A message of hope when despair is your only friend.

The Montreal Canadiens appear to love misery. Problem is – misery does not like company and for the first time in many years, the company is sending a message.

Like Toronto, another perennial loser, The Bell Center will never be empty because half the seats sold are corporate. The people who attend in this capacity – do not have a clue about the game of hockey nor do they care.They wheel and deal and take selfies to display their status as ‘fans.’

Luckily, the salt of the earth, the walk – ins, the true fans are staying away. Mirrors to the soul of a once proud franchise. Reflecting ugly decisions and greed.

Please listen below to what may just be the playlist of The Montreal Canadiens’ management team. If not – maybe they will listen and learn.

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