Rick Keene Music Scene – A Special Birthday Tribute To Jerry Mercer

Someone once said; “Rock n Roll is a vicious game …”

The music business is, in general, a very vicious game. More people are used and tossed aside than dishrags at a cheap restaurant. The good die young and the bad fade away unless their souls are sold to the devil.

Jerry Mercer

Enter Mr. Jerry Mercer.

Some people have witnessed so much stuff in their lives – they forget what it is they have learned. Jerry Mercer is that guy. So much has gone in and stays, yet so much must be questioned to loosen the web surrounding the knowledge. From The Festival Express with Janis Joplin to Roy Buchanan. From April Wine to the rhythms of Cuba. Jerry Mercer has learned a lot and continues to grow.

Please listen below to a Birthday Tribute To Mr. Jerry Mercer

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