Rick Keene Music Scene – The Rolling Stones Celebrate Fifty Years of Sticky Fingers …

‘Here I lie in my hospital bed
Tell me, sister Morphine, when are you coming round again?’

Hard to believe it has been fifty years since The Rolling Stones released the third album within a foursome of discs that cemented the band as ‘The Greatest rock n Roll Band in the World.’

Released on the 23rd of April 1971 – the album contains all the elements which made up The Rolling Stones. Beggars Banquet was a very folk-ish / Country album, Let It Bleed leaned more towards their roots in The Blues and Exile on Main Street also relied heavily on Blues – inspired swampy Rock type songs.

Sticky Fingers had everything. Country classics in the form of ‘Wild Horses’ and ‘Dead Flowers’, Blues gems with ‘I Got The Blues’ and ‘You Gotta Move’ , authentic Rock n Roll with ‘Brown Sugar’ and ‘Bitch’, a Jazzy / R&B groove within ‘Can’t You Hear Me Knocking’ and ballads as strong as any Jagger and Richards have penned with ‘Moonlight Mile’ and ‘Sister Morphine’.

If the world was still wrestling with the age old question ‘The Beatles or The Stones?’ Sticky Fingers went a long way to tilting music fans toward the bad boys of Rock n Roll.

Please have a listen below to some information about one of The Rolling Stones’ best albums and listen to a few selected tracks.

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