Rick Keene Music Scene – The Lamb Layed Down in Montreal

The Musical Box were in Montreal last night and the year was 1974. They played their version of Genesis’ most creative era and perhaps; Genesis’ most creative album.

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway disc was the version of Genesis which catered toward the artsy fartsy crowd. Quebec and Montreal especially catered the sound, the look and feel of Gabriel and his mates.

Denis Gagne, the Peter Gabriel of The Musical Box – was in fine form. Eyes closed, ears open – Gagne was Gabriel. Ears closed, eyes open – Gagne was Gabriel.

What set Peter Gabriel apart from most frontmen in the early seventies was theatrics and the simple fact Gabriel lived in his own little world on stage and within the songwriting. Genesis’ songs early on were based on fairy tales. Those fibs set to minstrel – type music. That minstrel type music evolved with menacing drums, magical keyboards,intricate guitar work and low end bass.

Denis Gagné (Peter Gabriel), guitarist François Gagnon (Steve Hackett), bassist Sébastien Lamothe (Mike Rutherford), keyboardist Ian Benhamou (Tony Banks), and drummer Marc Laflamme (Phil Collins) are the real deal. Incredible musicianship carried out for almost two hours nonstop is something most musicians set out to do. Few can pull it off.

Attending a show of this magnitude musically not only satisfies Genesis fans – it places a realization into the somewhat sad state of music in 2022. Prog Rock is alive and well around the world these days and has always maintained a secretive spot at record stores. Marillion , Stick Men, King Crimson ( to name a few) carry on the combination of artsy fartsy and classical music with continued growth and vigor.

Everyone of those groups. Each player within this genre should graciously thank Genesis for setting the bar high and introducing it to larger audiences and musicians. For that reason – The Musical Box is on the same level as 1974 Genesis. Young musicians and baby music fans should thank The Musical Box.

Visit The Musical Box Here

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