Rick Keene Music Scene – Miss Emily; Winning the Race and Loving It.

Powerful,tender, soulful,tough and wise. We shall get to the songs and performance in a second.

In this world, no matter the profession – pure talent and the ability to learn (more often than not), are SEPARATE. Pure talent usually rises to the top as does an education backed in INTEGRITY. If you take these two vital elements and place them together – you get Miss Emily.

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Miss Emily was in Kingston Saturday night to launch her new album; Defined by Love.

From the start – Miss Emily was in control. Years and years learning her craft along with all the crap musicians go through ‘climbing the ladder’ culminated into a PERFORMANCE for the ages.

The talent was always there and that alone would make any Miss Emily show ‘superior’ to most. Twenty odd years of having to be tough, having to survive and having to learn. Vocal exercises and MAINTENANCE. Physical MAINTENANCE. The history of music and the music of history. Timing, spacing and listening. Been there – done that for Miss Emily.

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Everything came together at The Grand Theater in a triumphant blending of  top notch MUSICIANS and a woman who is now behind the wheel of a well earned Mercedes. Speeding with a smile yet slowing down often to appreciate the scenery. Grounded by experience.

The album, Defined by Love, was performed in it’s entirety during the first set. The album is a tale of twenty years. Lyrically personal (at times) and poignant throughout – the disc is a walkabout through themes and genres distinct yet with movement. You want Lady Gaga sitting at a piano and sending jaw dropping vocals into the universe? You have Miss Emily. Perhaps Aretha Franklin is your thing? Miss Emily has got that covered. Any list of favorite female performers and their styles compiled –  can be done and ‘outdone‘ by Canada’s Miss Emily. The beautiful thing? Miss Emily does it all as Miss Emily. Unique as a rose among dandelions – Miss Emily emulates no one and no one could emulate Miss Emily.

Rob Baker and Gord Sinclair – two of Miss Emily’s partners in crime in studio and on record, joined Miss Emily onstage last night as they should. When two members of one of the best bands to come out of Canada recognize someone worth working with – a very telling spin on what the future will hold for Miss Emily. What the future will hold for Canadian music.

Powerful,tender, soulful, tough and wise. We shall get to Miss Emily in a second.

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