Rick Keene Music Scene – Ranee Lee Explains Her Master Class at Festival de la Voix

Kerry – Anne Kutz has a ten year old child and it is named La Festival de la Voix

Ranee Lee, Montreal’s Queen of Jazz, is a big part of Kerry – Anne’s joy.

Please enjoy Ranee’s explanation of what she talks about during her masterclass.

Ranee Lee

‘The Master class that I intend to present will be an interactive session.’

‘Dialogue and communication within our performance of music are key components for every musician. I extend the title of vocalist to vocal musicians because in every way, we are committed to the performance of music in the same way instrumentalists are.

‘There are many elements for Interpreting a song in jazz performance and we will share variations of the style with one another accompanied by a trio of some of our greatest musical jazz interpreters of piano, bass and drums.’

‘It will be a very entertaining and stimulating afternoon.’

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Listen below to the artistic director Kerry – Anne Kutz explain – La Festival de la Voix.

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