Rick Keene Music Scene – Concert Review; Matt Andersen Is On The Brink of Global Super Stardom

If a school wanted to teach what music is supposed to sound like; Matt Andersen and The Big Bottle of Joy would be the classroom.

When it comes to music in 2023, there is a lot of talent circulating yet sadly, the sound is more times than not – one DIMENSIONAL. Generic tunes INTERMITTENTLY dotted with GENIUS ideas. Enter Matt Andersen and his ‘big bottle of joy’.

Andersen has always had the pipes, the guitar playing and songwriting talent. His latest project includes a full band which Matt hand -picked to match his creative impulses. At Club Soda on Saturday night in Montreal – time went backwards as the band channeled the glory days of Rock n Roll. The late sixties / early seventies period when Blues and Country met at places like Filmore West and Muscle Shoals. What blossomed was a new sound that to this day; remains pure with music PURISTS.

Matt Andersen

The self titled album Matt Andersen and The Big Bottle of Joy was served with it’s nitty gritty blending of Americana, Soul and

R & B. The icing on the musical cake? The addition of a delicious layer of Gospel. A tier. Montreal’s Club Soda was suddenly a ‘Church’. Matt and his disciples returned the audience to a place where the Blueprints of modern day music was formed.

The band took turns individually. Showcasing their talents with perfectly – timed solos without distracting the ‘punters’ from the essence of the songs. The vibes at hand – intact. Only a select group of MUSICIANS can collectively jam with the proper push and pull of energy and seduction. Matt ANDERSEN and The Big Bottle of Joy are those select few and it is only their ‘honeymoon.’

Andersen and Opening Act; The Hello Darlings

Andersen has paid his dues. Years of playing in small venues and like most young artists; two or three people were in the audience at times. This is where musicians enter the crossroads. A deal is made not necessarily with the devil but with oneself. A look inside dictates a future working in an office or an intense creative and ‘mastering of the craft‘ dedication. Andersen’s ‘deal’ has created not only magic and a devilish personality mirroring the grandfathers of modern day music – the handshake between Matt and himself; extended for all collaborators and audiences alike. A hand to grasp with the pureness and wickedness of life itself. Matt’s lyrics and BETWEEN song banter are angelic as Matt continually battles the demons that circle the souls of this planet.

Matt Andersen and The Big Bottle of Joy have captured the heart and soul of Canada on this current tour. Let us hope the sounds get back to the purists around the world. Music in 2023 and beyond is desperate

for an awakening. Matt’s musical messages and personal antidotes are apples for teachers everywhere.

The Big Bottle of Joy needs to be opened and tasted.

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