Angel Forrest’s Eleven Angels !

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New Angel Forrest feat. Steve Hill, The Record Breakers, Cat Empire, Stone Doctors Benefit and George ..

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Montreal En Lumiere; February 18th – March 5th

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It’s Valentine’s Day ! Give Some Love to The Paul Deslauriers Band Just Like Memphis Did !

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Susie Arioli Live and It’s Not Yet ‘Spring’ …

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Rick Keene Music Scene Top Ten 2015 Interviews – Part One ,Two and Three

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Raising Money to Help Syrian Refugees! Duh … !

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The ‘Two Yoots ‘ Ain’t Bad .​.​.​.

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Paolo Stante; A Montreal Guitarist Born for The 70’s

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Biking Across Canada for David Suzuki’s Blue Dot Message

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Roomful of Blues – From B​.​B. King to Colin James; The Little Big Band That Could .​.​.

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You Can Call Her ‘ Becky …’

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Montreal and Canada’s Hidden Songwriter; Rob Lutes

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Justin Saladino; Montreal’s Next Frank Marino?

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Two Filmmakers from Montreal Need Your Help to Make Musical History

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Patrick Lehman – ‘For Dad …’

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Louis Janelle Says; ‘Dance Everybody’ !

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What’s Coming on Rick Keene Music Scene and in Montreal

A lot coming …               Please listen below to what’s coming in Montreal and … More

Gypsophilia – A ‘ Flower ‘ in The Montreal International Jazz festival

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