Kanawake’s Star Guitar Player Lends His Talent to The League of Rock Montreal !

The League of Rock attracts stars. 


Local musicians like Corey Diabo who have made their mark globally through talent and hard work. Diabo, a Kanawake native, stopped by The League of Rock Montreal last week and lent twenty years of knowledge to the musicians who aspire to greatness at

The League of Rock Montreal. 

Brian Greenway of April Wine fame has lent his talents and so has Sylvain Daigle – Montreal’s premiere Bass player who has worked with Ron Carter and Victor Wooten. 

Three coaches who have had success and know what to pass on to the ‘ students’ at The League of Rock Montreal.


A real thrill for the bands at League of Rock to get a fix of what it’s like to reach another level. A plateau that takes dedication and talent.

The League of Rockers?

Eager and willing to obtain the next step in their musical careers.


Please listen below to Part Three of my chat with Corey Diabo.

He’ll let us into his thoughts of what it was like coaching guys ( and gal )  – who, just like Corey was at one time in his life; talented and hungry !

The League of Rock Montreal. Making dreams come true …

Corey? What’s Up?



Visit Jonas and The Massive Attraction Here !



Visit The League of Rock Here!


 Visit Evenko Here !



Visit The Hi – Fins Here !



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