Top Ten Signs the Jazz Festival is Coming Soon!

It is almost that time of year …

The grass is getting greener, the trees are overflowing with growth and City Hall smells like … well, never mind …

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is around the corner and people in the city of Montreal are bracing themselves for a ten day onslaught of foreigners. Yes – many West Islanders will be venturing to the downtown core for their annual pilgrimage.

Many tourists will also arrive. Sporting outlandish summer costumes tacky enough to make Don Cherry cringe. From Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Zaire – music lovers will invade Montreal with enough  accents to make Pauline Marois shake in her lingerie ( Marois? Lingerie? Ewwwww).

Here now are the Top Ten Signs the Jazz Festival is coming soon to a street corner near you …

10. CD‘s are available for sale in liquor stores, pizza parlors and the pockets of the homeless guy at the corner of Atwater and Ste Catherine.

9. The drummer who plays plastic buckets is seen everywhere! ( wait – he is seen everywhere all the time – never mind).

8. Andre Menard’s smart phone has fifty missed calls a day from a certain Anthony Bennett  …

7. The movie ‘All that Jazz’ – number one on Netflix, Videotron and the Dollar Cinema!

6. Jazz – ercise making a huge comeback!

5. Rumors of the Super hospital being named ‘L’hopitale Brubeck – just that; rumors ….!

4. Rumors of Corey Hart opening up for Dr. John – just that; rumors!

3. The Breakfast Club movie poster is everywhere!

2. STM bus drivers breaking into ‘song and dance’ every second stop!

and the number one sign the Jazz Festival is coming soon …?

1. Sales of Conway Twitty’s greatest hits? Sadly in decline …


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