Celine Dion; Part Deux

Kristina Maria may not come from a Francophone family consisting of three thousand brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and a dog named Charlemagne …


That does not mean the Ottawa born singer does not have high connections to Celine Dion. Number one; the girl cutely and absolutely adored Celine from the time she (Maria) was young (er). Two; her manager, with the full blessings of her Lebanese born father – was, once upon a time, le gerant pour Celine.

The more things change – the more things change …

rrrrrrrrrrrrKristina Maria gave her first concert ever on Friday night at the Virgin Mobile Corona Theater. Those in attendance, including what appeared to be the entire town of Ottawa – were treated to an MTV video. Maria, backed by two female and two male dancers, a DJ and a backing band, sang her heart out out as if her career was on the line. In a way – it was.

This is a throw-ay society in which we order Big Macs. Trends come and go quicker than the Grateful Dead changed their keyboardist back in the day. If the young Kristina Maria cannot deliver top of the line performances along with a couple of big hits, the singer could quickly discover herself  on the cover of the Ottawa Citizen in lieu of Rolling Stone magazine.

Friday night, her vocals were impeccable. Powerful enough to make even the most ardent Tiny Tim fan pay attention. Following a warm – up of tunes straight from the disco 70’s, Maria took the stage looking like Taylor Swift minus the blonde hair. Sporting a summer dress straight from the back lot of the Beverley Hillbillies’ Hollywood set,  Maria initially came across as a country girl. An unsuspecting audience member may not have been surprised if a Dolly Parton song placed them into a Monday morning nine to five type of mood.

Turns out – nothing could be further from the truth.

ppppppMaria belted out – song after song. Her own small catalog combined with Celine Dion and Bruno Mars’ compositions, placing her on a high platform in way of talent and charm. Maria is no ‘Primal’ Donna. Not yet – anyways.

The singer from Ontario still maintains that awkward, umm ‘thanks guys’ banter. Chit chat – not part of her vocabulary. Her concentration focused on performing and building a reputation as a serious adult singer who wants to climb the mountain to stardom.

Upbeat dance numbers such as ‘Karma’ and ‘Animal’ rushed the pre-teen and teen girls toward the stage to dance and scream. The Power of Love’ ( Dion) and Mars’ ‘Locked Out of Heaven’ – carried the show. In between, songs from the ‘never-land’ of MTV and Much Music made sure the show was on time and filled the almost two hour performance.

If Kristina Maria wants to survive as a singer, she must carry on the same way. Her bills will be paid, and her friends from Ottawa will be happy to ride the popularity bandwagon. Unfortunately, bandwagons break down without repair or maintenance. If Maria wishes to reach a stratospheric level where eating lunch with ladies Gaga, Madonna and Dion are as commonplace as a trip to the local Wallmart, two things must happen …

A huge song must be written to push Adele et al from the spotlight or Kristina Maria must do something controversial.

Maybe dating Celine Dion’s three thousand cousins? Charlemagne may be busy after all …







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