Joe Satriani Interview

Joe Satriani is coming to Montreal on the 9th of October to Theatre St. Denis. Has there been a better guitar player to come through these parts in the past ten years?

Few and far between …joe-satriani-7

Satriani picked up the guitar when he was fourteen. Inspired by the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix – Joe began a foray into music which remains unprecedented …

A teacher first, many of Rock n Roll‘s greatest guitarists may not exist on the level which they sit if not for the existence of Satriani.

Steve Vai,  Kirk Hammett of MetallicaDavid Bryson of Counting CrowsKevin Cadogan from Third Eye BlindLarry LaLonde of Primus and PossessedAlex Skolnick of TestamentRick Hunolt (ex-Exodus), Phil Kettner of Lääz RockitGeoff Tyson of T-Ride,Charlie HunterDavid Turin and Eric Kauschen to name  some

Quite the impressive list of students for the man from Westbury, New York.


Following his own tutelege with Jazz guitarist Billy Bauer and the famed Jazz pianist Lennie Tristano, Satriani has continued on in a career which has spanned over thirty years. A career which saw him get his biggest break ( exposure – wise ) playing on Mick Jagger’s solo tour in 1988. A defining moment for Joe as his status climbed immensely within the music world.

Satriani has just released a new album. ‘Unstoppable Momentum.’ A title conjured through his new-found enthusiasm. An energy gained in the past couple of years by working with different people and different styles. Something which Joe believes is essential to keeping things ‘fresh’.

Visit Joe’s Site here!

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