Top Ten Signs Santa Claus is a Rock n Roll Fan!

We know him as St. Nick …

The bearer of gifts and the man responsible for devouring millions of cookies and gallons of hot chocolate in one single evening.

We know he is married and hangs out with Elves – but really, what else do we really know about the man in the big red suit?

What is his favourite sports team? His favourite Charlies’ Angel? What color socks does he wear when he is at home in the off -season … ?

One thing for certain – Santa is a music fan. In particular, a Rock n Roll expert …

How do we know this?

Here now are the Top Ten Signs indicating as much ….

10. Angus Young ( 5’2″) in charge of recruiting Elves when AC DC are not touring …

9. Ozzy Osbourne’s ‘Crazy Train’ is cranked on the sleigh CD player as Santa makes his rounds!

8. ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ but if you are a good boy or girl – you get what you need …

7. Ringo replaced Prancer in the North Pole’s most popular cover band; Santa’s Travelling All -Stars!

6. Billy Idol’s ‘White Wedding’? Mr. and Mrs. Claus’ wedding song ….

5. Whose boots do you really think Nancy Sinatra is singing about?

4. Steve Miller’s ‘Space Cowboy’? Co – written by Santa following a malfunction of the sleigh’s navigational system in the early 70’s …

3. Calls up Bruce Springsteen on December 24th to give ‘The Boss’ a heads up that indeed – he is coming to town!

2. Santa’s license plate inscription? THEWALL

and the Number One Sign Santa is a Rock and Roll fan … ?

1. First stop on Christmas Eve? Keith Richards’ house for a shot of Jack Daniels and a ‘wee’ puff …

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