Peter Angrove and Ross Griffiths; Feeding the Needy at Christmas with Bands for Baskets

The West Island is rich right …?

No problems in this Utopian society. No sir …!

No crime, no gangs, no drugs, no weapons, no domestic violence and certainly no hungry families. For years – real estate developers and public officials hid these regular life problems from everyone.

Thankfully, as the world evolves and things are more and more being placed on the top shelf in the ‘ priorities room’ – the true nature of human nature is allowed to come out. So many families and individuals suffer at Christmas and often, through no fault of their own. Loss of employment, a divorce, separation or death of a loved one – can and does leave normal people in profound desperate situations. Life – altering experiences that can and do affect every individual differently.

Listen below as Peter Angrove explains what he and the rest of us can do to contribute this Christmas and allow the unfortunate to enjoy a great Holiday Season ….

Peter …Take it away …

Visit Bands for Baskets here!

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