Rick Keene Music Scene – Thank God It Is Friday and Why Did I Not Feed the Fish?

In the words of Loverboy; Everyone’s watching, to see what you will do
Everyone’s looking at you, oh
Everyone’s wondering, will you come out tonight
Everyone’s trying to get it right, get it right

Kick off your shoes (don’t hit the kids), open a tasty beverage and take time to listen to some new tunes, old tunes and upcoming shows.

Please listen below to some great tunes sand even greater information.

Smoke Meat Pete Here

Evenko Here

Rick Keene Music Scene – Music To Do The Sunday Crossword Puzzle

What to do on a Sunday?

images (3)

Open the curtains, make a cup of coffee, grab the paper and do the Sunday Crossword Puzzle.

It is – a no brainer!

Oh – don’t forget to listen to some great tunes! Right here on Rick Keene Music Scene !

Thanks !

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What’s Happening with Jazz All Year Round Series and in Montreal !

As usual …

Lots coming in Montreal !

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The Jazz All Year Round Series is in full flight, Evenko has their usual fine acts and the Holiday season approaches with concerts, shows and fund raising efforts.

Please listen below to some of the upcoming events, some great tunes and information to help the less fortunate and the sick.

Thanks for listening! Talk soon …


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Rick Keene Music Scene Presents; A Carl Palmer Drum Solo

Carl Palmer is ahead of his time … literally.

Musically, that’s what it is about. Forget about playing with Greg Lake and Keith Emerson, Carl is too quick  for them …


Palmer, the man who once sat in for Mick Fleetwood during a Peter-Green era Fleetwood Mac show, is way ahead of his playing days with ELP. Ahead of ELP but not their music.


Friday night at Le Gesu in Montreal, Palmer – along with Simon Fitzpatrick (Bass) and Paul Bielatowicz (Guitar), delivered a powerhouse two hour set as part of  “Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Rhythm Of Light 2014 Tour. A set  exhausting to watch.

Palmer, at sixty-four years of age, an Energizer Bunny behind the kit. He kept going and going and …


An amazing percussion – driven display of classic ELP songs done instrumentally. Fanfare for the Common Man was saved for last while anything cutting edge done by ELP, came before. Jerusalem from the Brain Salad Surgery album to Tarkus from the album of the same name.

ELP fans were delighted as was Palmer himself. Fitzpatrick’s bass and electronic bass were simply otherworldly while Paul Bielatowicz’s guitar playing;  years ahead of his young age.

Please watch below – an example of what Carl Palmer can do with a drum set. Keep in mind – he is sixty-four. He kept this pace up all night.


Bands for Baskets Dec. 7Th







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The Greatest Christmas Concert Extravaganza This Side of ..well , Christmas! Band for Baskets Number Nine .. Number Nine .. Number Nine ..

What does the average person spend ten dollars on ?

Condoms? Sometimes. Candy? Sometimes. A pack of smokes? Sometimes. Feeding the needy? Seldom …

Seems a trifle selfish doesn’t it?

images (5) copy

This Sunday at Calistoga Grill marks the ninth anniversary of Bands for Baskets. An all day event which provides music for an admission price of ten dollars. This money, 100% goes to help buy food baskets for the unfortunate.

Seems a trifle unselfish doesn’t it?

Please listen as the event is explained with a little help from some friends.


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Bands for Baskets – Coming Faster Than Chevy Chase on a Sleigh!

Not everyone is okay at Christmas …

Some folks need love, some – need food.  Some folks need both.

That is where Bands for Baskets comes in …


Dec. 7th at Calistoga Grill


Music for the Needy in the West Island.

Be There or Be Square. It’s That Simple.

Please listen to a few tracks from some of the bands that will be playing to raise money for food baskets.

Please share the heck out of this!

Thank you.

Visit Bands for Baskets Here!



Christmas Songs in November? Relax – It’s for a Good Cause!

Are you going to have a great big turkey on Christmas day?

Maybe the little rug-rats will be spoiled rotten by Santa Claus. Everyone will sit around, drink eggnog and be more merry than a dog with a red ribbon tied to it’s bone …

For many, this is not reality.

They are people who wish Xmas would go away faster than a P.K Subban slapshot. The very thought of the festive season brings agony, a pain so deep – Tiny Tim would wince.


In our society, things are not what they seem. Especially in the West Island. A place normally associated with money, possessions and glamorous homes. In between – amid ‘the cracks’ in the carefully manicured lawns, live a segment of the population who suffer.

Mental illness, physical sickness, laid off from work, bad luck – whatever the infliction, this is reality.


Everyone enjoys a party during the holidays. Why not combine the joyous celebrations with an opportunity to feed the less fortunate? A chance to feel as if you contributed to society. A chance to place a smile on someone’s face?

Please click on the green Bands for Baskets below to donate

Bands for Baskets is that chance! 

December 7th at Calistoga Grill in

Pte Claire.

What’s happening there?

Have a listen won’t ya? Oh … and have a Merry Xmas!




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Peter Angrove and Ross Griffiths; Feeding the Needy at Christmas with Bands for Baskets

The West Island is rich right …?

No problems in this Utopian society. No sir …!

No crime, no gangs, no drugs, no weapons, no domestic violence and certainly no hungry families. For years – real estate developers and public officials hid these regular life problems from everyone.

Thankfully, as the world evolves and things are more and more being placed on the top shelf in the ‘ priorities room’ – the true nature of human nature is allowed to come out. So many families and individuals suffer at Christmas and often, through no fault of their own. Loss of employment, a divorce, separation or death of a loved one – can and does leave normal people in profound desperate situations. Life – altering experiences that can and do affect every individual differently.

Listen below as Peter Angrove explains what he and the rest of us can do to contribute this Christmas and allow the unfortunate to enjoy a great Holiday Season ….

Peter …Take it away …

Visit Bands for Baskets here!

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