Christmas Songs in November? Relax – It’s for a Good Cause!

Are you going to have a great big turkey on Christmas day?

Maybe the little rug-rats will be spoiled rotten by Santa Claus. Everyone will sit around, drink eggnog and be more merry than a dog with a red ribbon tied to it’s bone …

For many, this is not reality.

They are people who wish Xmas would go away faster than a P.K Subban slapshot. The very thought of the festive season brings agony, a pain so deep – Tiny Tim would wince.


In our society, things are not what they seem. Especially in the West Island. A place normally associated with money, possessions and glamorous homes. In between – amid ‘the cracks’ in the carefully manicured lawns, live a segment of the population who suffer.

Mental illness, physical sickness, laid off from work, bad luck – whatever the infliction, this is reality.


Everyone enjoys a party during the holidays. Why not combine the joyous celebrations with an opportunity to feed the less fortunate? A chance to feel as if you contributed to society. A chance to place a smile on someone’s face?

Please click on the green Bands for Baskets below to donate

Bands for Baskets is that chance! 

December 7th at Calistoga Grill in

Pte Claire.

What’s happening there?

Have a listen won’t ya? Oh … and have a Merry Xmas!




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Buy Tickets Here!
Buy Tickets Here!




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