The Wisdom of Emerson, Lake and ‘Carl Palmer’ …

Carl Palmer has been around for a while …


The sixty-four year old drummer from England, was born into a musical family. Both parents, his Grandfather and his siblings – all playing instruments around the Palmer homestead.

Beginning with his first professional gig at the age of sixteen, Carl has brushed shoulders or played with some of the legends in the music world. Heck – Mick Jagger and Keith Richards even got involved!

Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Reaching incredible heights in not one – two ‘Supergroups’ over the years, Palmer is still going strong. Touring with Asia and for the past little while, his own group, which brings the songs of Emerson, Lake and Palmer to a different level. Carl Palmer will be in Montreal on the 26th November at Le Gesu.

Please listen as Carl explains his influences, including his relationship with ‘the world’s greatest drummer‘ and what Montreal means to him after that fateful August evening in 1977.

ticket stub


Visit Carl Palmer Here!

Visit Emerson, Lake and Palmer Here!

Visit Le Gesu Here !



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