Rick Keene Music Scene Presents; A Carl Palmer Drum Solo

Carl Palmer is ahead of his time … literally.

Musically, that’s what it is about. Forget about playing with Greg Lake and Keith Emerson, Carl is too quick  for them …


Palmer, the man who once sat in for Mick Fleetwood during a Peter-Green era Fleetwood Mac show, is way ahead of his playing days with ELP. Ahead of ELP but not their music.


Friday night at Le Gesu in Montreal, Palmer – along with Simon Fitzpatrick (Bass) and Paul Bielatowicz (Guitar), delivered a powerhouse two hour set as part of  “Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy Rhythm Of Light 2014 Tour. A set  exhausting to watch.

Palmer, at sixty-four years of age, an Energizer Bunny behind the kit. He kept going and going and …


An amazing percussion – driven display of classic ELP songs done instrumentally. Fanfare for the Common Man was saved for last while anything cutting edge done by ELP, came before. Jerusalem from the Brain Salad Surgery album to Tarkus from the album of the same name.

ELP fans were delighted as was Palmer himself. Fitzpatrick’s bass and electronic bass were simply otherworldly while Paul Bielatowicz’s guitar playing;  years ahead of his young age.

Please watch below – an example of what Carl Palmer can do with a drum set. Keep in mind – he is sixty-four. He kept this pace up all night.


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