The Stones Post 1980; Cursed Darkly by Their Past …

The Stones …


Along with The Beatles, the most successful Rock n Roll band in history. 

The meat to The Beatles’ potatoes. Reality versus The Beatles’ dreams of love and peace.

In reality, The Rolling Stones are The Greatest Rock n Roll band in history. They are also the most successful Country Band, posses one of the biggest selling‘ ‘dance’  songs of all time and can lay claim to the best Blues band of the ages.

Their songs from the Sixties – one career. The seventies? Another one. The eighties – three decades of generational-defining moments. Satisfaction, Miss You and Start Me Up. Three songs in three decades, each one an anthem to the times.

What happened after 1981’s Tattoo You?

More than a couple of dozen great songs that most bands post 1985 would love to lay claim to. As groups such as U2 go around the music wheel struggling to write fresh material – Mick et al continue to sound the same yet create songs in all genres.


Do the other bands not get the memo? Longevity equals creativity and the courage to try new things.

Do Classic Rock stations not understand that Classic Rock bands possess more than eight songs? They are the culprits. The reason why music fans do not know of Stones songs or any band’s songs which are new.

Please listen to a few songs that may tickle your fancy and awaken the ears to a few ‘new’ Stones’ tracks  …


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