Rick Keene Music Scene; A Musical Tribute to Muhammad Ali

The Champ …


There are very few people who have walked this earth and were identified with one name. Not a family name, not a changed name but a name which exemplifies a characteristic.

A moniker which exudes integrity. A label which personifies strength …


In this case the name could be Ali. Worldwide – this name is instantaneously recognized. There are probably millions of Alis but to most; there exists purely and thoughtfully one Ali.

The former Cassius Clay, a name rejected due to it’s attachment with slavery and all it’s negative attachments, is another name which is as recognizable globally as the Statue of Liberty. Break it in two, chances are ‘ Cassius ‘ and / or ‘Clay’ can only mean one man.


The name that is known universally is none of the above. Not Ali and not Cassius Clay. The name which will be forever associated with one person is simply – Champ. 

 Champ was a combination of all the above. Champ became symbolic of standing up for human rights, maintaining integrity and remaining true to oneself.

Every school child being bullied gained confidence and became a champ. A woman beaten by her husband gained freedom to flee and became a champ. A citizen of a repressed Country with a ruthless dictator gained strength to fight back. A Champ. 

A factory worker’s self-confidence to return to school became the champ. An athlete in every sport rose to greater heights.  An overworked underappreciated office worker quit and started their own business their way …

Muhammad Ali was champ. By the way  – he was also a boxer.

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Please listen below to a musical tribute to

‘The Champ’.



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