All right ghouls and boys – it is that time of year once more …

Time to shake the cobwebs from your instruments and get ready to treat a trick. Treat a trick? Sound raunchy? Inappropriate? Not if you live in the world of sex,  drugs and Mars bars covered in a rug.

True Rock music fans will understand the reference above and these folks will undoubtedly be donning attire and hitting the road in quest for munchies.

Nothing spooks the spooks as much as Rock n’ Roll devils of all ages causing havoc as they criss – cross their way through otherwise tame neighborhoods.

Dressed in the most creative ways, they are ‘pleased to meet you’ and they ‘hope you can guess their names.’

Be vigilant. Be afraid as Hallowe’en comes begging to town. Be prepared to dodge or meet …


10. Prince’s elevator.

9. Buddy Holly’s pilot.

8. Courtney Love.

7. Brian Jones’ groundskeeper.

6. Mama Cass’ cook.

5. Amy Winehouse’s Father.

4. John Bonham’s Vodka bottle.

3. Colonel Tom Parker.

2. Michael Jackson’s doctor.

and the number one Scariest Rock n Roll costume?

1. Mark David Chapman.

Scary stuff ….

The League of Rock Montreal is having it’s first showcase on Nov.2nd at McKibbons Pte. Claire. 

See you there ?

Visit The League of Rock Here ! 

Visit The Hi – Fins Here ! 

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