Canada is a hockey kinda place …


Pucks, fights and overdressed commentators. A trio of things synonymous with a Country whose symbol is the hard working beaver. Are these things the most famous trio?


Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart would beg to differ.

Canada is as vast in it’s musical capabilities as it is in it’s land. Something that many people do not realize including Canadians.

Robert Stefan and his band – ‘Made in Canada’ are poised to take on the role of ambassadors to Canadian music. Relaying songs which make up the broad tradition of Canadian tunes going back decades.


Please listen below as Robert speaks of his band and what to expect this Friday at

Calistoga Grill Pointe Claire.

Robert? What’s Up?


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The League of Rock Montreal is having it’s first showcase on Nov.2nd at McKibbons Pte. Claire. 

See you there ?

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