The League of Rock Montreal – Showcasing One Month of Hard Work !


Well – to coin the name of a recent video title, this is it …


The League of Rock Montreal, following four weeks of rehearsals, is showcasing the results on November 2nd at McKibbons West Island.

The first step towards the bands recording their songs on to CD at a professional studio in Showcase Number One. 


It has been an interesting journey thus far. All these musical men and woman meeting for the first time a month ago. Drummers, singers, bass players, guitar players and a keyboardist. Each with specific styles. Each with different tastes in music. Each with one goal. To learn, grow and become better musicians.


On November 2nd, the results will be known to each performer. They will discover, how much they have improved and – how much they have not. So far, they have been practicing in a studio with their backs to where the audience will be on Tuesday. On the second day in November, they’ll be performing on stage. A different animal. A completely different ‘tune’.


Thankfully, the groups have had some help along the way.

Montreal chapter president Gary Johnston has not only ‘ barked’ instructions to the would be ‘rock stars’ , he has also recruited some very knowledgeable musicians to encourage and teach the League of Rock bands.


In order, Brian Greenway ( April Wine), Corey Diabo ( Jonas and The Massive Attraction), Warwick artist Simon Daigle and Roy Nichol (April Wine) have ‘lent’ their experience to the aspiring musicians.

Last Wednesday, Roy Nichol ( above picture) was very instrumental in shaping a somewhat anxious bunch of previous ‘clay’ into magnificent sculptures of Rock.

The current April Wine drummer – explaining things that only an experienced musician could. Initiating talks on how a successful band operates. Something not known to the ‘naked ear’.  After all, most fans of any type of music, show up and enjoy the show. Not much thought is put into the behind-the-scenes work and discipline required to make a functioning band function.


The interesting thing about the four bands participating in The League of Rock Montreal is the short period of time they had to choose three songs and tighten them into form.

Remember, not everyone in each band may like a song choice. Not everyone in each band knew the chosen song  a month ago. This is where the League of Rock coaches helped.

Nichol, last week, explaining to a vocalist, not to ‘read the words’. Explaining how the vocalist rides the foundation of a song which is led by a drummer ( usually) . Trusting the musicians and learning to ride the wave.

Once the bands became aware that even experienced musicians must shove trepidation to the side, it facilitated the process for The League of Rock bands and aided in the transformation  of creating a full sound . A tight sound. A cohesive sound. A unit …

The League of Rock coaches ease the nerves. The League of Rock coaches simplify things.

Brian Greenway

Wednesday Nov. 2nd at McKibbons Pointe Claire will be a test. A test of nerves, an exam of technique and a result to head back to the studio with to work on. New knowledge to return to the studio and  tamper and fiddle with anything or everything that went wrong.

Step one to becoming a working band. 

Visit The League of Rock Here!

Visit McKibbons Here !


 Visit Evenko Here

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Visit Cliff Here !
Visit Cliff Here !



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